News-Arua today

Uganda National Examination Board 2014

Arua District

Now in the West Nile region of Uganda, primary and secondary students are busy taking their final year examinations (PLE, UCE and UACE).

Thousands of our children are working very hard to success in their examinations. Parents are all hopeful that their children will be able to make it to the next academic level.

We are very pleased that, our Lʉgbara tɨ Thematic curriculum materials are now being tested in several schools across the West Nile region. Several secondary schools have also included Lugbara as a subject to be
 in their school.

The NCDC (National Curriculum Development Centre) Kyabogo will soon be in Arua to launch the recently approved Lugbara ti Orthography Guide.

We therefore invite you thebe part of this remarkable mile stone in developing our own language.

By. Gift Asiku

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