Message from Board

Dear Friend,

Welcome to our site.

Thank you very much for visiting our online information.

This site provides you with information about Lʉgbara Tɨ (Lugbara Language).

Lʉgbara tɨ has been used for several dicades and it is constantly expriencing transformation and change.

The language is mainly used in the West Nile Districts of Arua, Maracha and other neighbouring districts of Yumbe, Koboko and Nebbi.

This year 2014, the Language board has approved the revised orthography with the help of National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), School Health and Reading Program (SHRP) and USAID..


The Lʉgbara tɨ Orthography shall be launched in Arua. NCDC and RTI have enabled us to produce Primary one books which are being tried in a number of schools in Arua District.

This month we are developing our non-print publication (online) with the following material available for you on this website

- Lʉgbara tɨ Orthography

- Primary 1 readers and teachers guide

- Lʉgbara Bible

- Lʉgbara tɨ ABC story books

- Several story books

We are currently in the process of writing and approving more literature that can be made available to you on this site.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support that has enabled us to offer this non-print media to you and others in the diaspora.

Yours sincerely

John Yobuta Ondoma (Chairperson Lʉgbara tɨ Language Board)



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